McDermott Photography

If you're interested:

Throughout my life I have always had the need to design, create or build.   Whether it was designing and building electronic devices, engineering and constructing machines, building fine furniture and cabinetry, developing web sites or building businesses from scratch - I have always been driven by the desire to create.   It is the fiber of my soul.

And, so it is with photography.

My interest in photography was kindled in 1976 with the purchase of a 35mm SLR.   For several years it held my attention until other events and demands commanded most of my time and the desire for photography was reduced to but an ember.   Never extinguished, it smoldered beneath the surface for years until 2003 when it would wait no longer and burst into flames.   That was the year I purchased my first DSLR.   Photography has been my burning desire for creativity ever since.

Within these pages you will find the results of my latest creative efforts.   Hopefully, you will be inspired by the photographs or simply enjoy viewing the use of color, composition, lighting and presentation.   Either way, it has certainly been my pleasure to create them for you to view.   Perhaps, you will be moved to purchase one or several to brighten your home or office.   In that case, I will have another reason to thank you.

Thank you and enjoy...