McDermott Photography

Custom Matting & Framing

Custom Matting & Framing are now being offered to provide a color coordinated solution to the tedious task of having our prints framed yourself.   These options are available for selection on the Order page.

Framing Options

We offer three frame profiles and four mat selections along with a choice of either Conservation UV or reflection reducing Museum UV Glass.   All of our frame stock is made from solid wood with either a high quality painted finish or a clear coated burl veneer overlay.

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Frame Profiles:
  1. 2" Burl Veneer
  2. 1¾" Capri Gold
  3. 1½" Black Beaded Lip

Matting Options

Crescent Select Matboards are made of alpha-cellulose fibers that have been treated to eliminate acids and lignins.   Cresent Select White Art Matboard has a black core that we expose by cutting a "V" groove ½ inch from the perimeter of the opening to accent the print.

Artique Matboards are 100% acid and lignin free and we normally stock Evergreen, Pumpkin and Onyx to compliment our prints.

Mat Colors:
  1. White Art Matboard
  2. Onyx Matboard
  3. Pumpkin Matboard
  4. Evergreen Matboard
Note: Unless you regularly color calibrate your monitor, it may not be able to render color accurately and therefore will probably not display the mat samples correctly.   However, these mats were chosen because they are complimentary to our prints.

Glazing Options

Museum Glass® from Tru Vue® is the clearest, best framing glass available.   With the lowest possible reflection rating and the highest light transmission of any glass on the market (less than 1% of light is reflected back and greater than 96% of light is transmitted through), it's almost as if there's no glass at all.   Museum Glass has our strongest recommendation.

We also offer Conservation Clear UV Glass that eliminates 98% of harmful UV rays, which is essential for conservation framing.